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Practice Areas

With our core team of attorneys and longstanding practice of associating in specialists with particular expertise whenever the need arises, JJLA is always equipped to provide its clients highly skilled, zealous representation⎯regardless of the issues at hand.

While JJLA can handle virtually any litigation matter, the firm possesses particularly rich experience in each of the following practice areas: Business Litigation, Complex Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation, Criminal Defense, Employment Litigation, Entertainment and Intellectual Property.

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Business Litigation

For every dispute, there is a resolution.

pa-01When it comes to business-related conflicts, the stakes are often high and the circumstances are always unique. In some cases, it may make sense to settle as quickly as possible; in other cases, a full trial on the merits is warranted.

JJLA understands that the path to resolution must be examined in light of the potential effects on a client’s short and long-term business operations. What are the costs and consequences of settling prior to the commencement of a lawsuit? What are the risks of pursuing litigation? How will proceeding to trial disrupt daily business functions?

JJLA helps its clients consider these critical questions and execute on a plan of action that best suits their needs. Armed with a stellar support team and the most effective litigation tools on the market, JJLA leads the successful charge towards resolution – whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Not all business disputes are created equally.

pa-02In today’s global economy and technologically advanced world, conflicts often involve multiple issues, parties and jurisdictions. Lawyers litigating these complex matters must be well versed in the unique rules, regulations and body of law that govern these disputes; they must also possess the intellectual prowess required to grasp, synthesize and execute the many simultaneously moving parts.

With significant experience successfully prosecuting and defending these complex business disputes, JJLA is well aware of what it takes to effectively and efficiently litigate such matters. Our lawyers welcome the practical and cerebral challenges that consistently arise with complex cases; they also know how to maximize the cooperative aspects of working with co-counsel, while maintaining clear focus on and commitment to their clients’ particular interests.

In addition to an inimitable support team, JJLA has at its fingertips all the top tools of the trade when it comes to managing complex litigation, including extensive research databases, document management software and conferencing technologies.

No matter how complex your dispute may be, JJLA can help.

Construction Litigation

Construction projects are never without problems.

pa-03Unexpected construction delays are a hassle. Unanticipated construction costs are aggravating. Defective construction and unscrupulous contractors are intolerable.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a construction project, whether residential or commercial, is well aware of the challenges that inexorably arise. Municipal bureaucracy delaying the timely issuance of permits. Unseasonable rains imposing a pause on progress. High demand of building materials jacking up the costs. In other words, variables over which any contractor or engineer can do little to exert control.

In other instances, however, it is the contractor and/or engineer who is to blame for a construction project gone awry. From defective design to failure to seek or obtain proper permits, and from breach of contract to financial fraud, the varied classes of construction misconduct are legion – leaving property owners in the lurch, forced to spend substantial sums of money to correct and/or complete the job.

JJLA can help make it right.

Equipped with both the legal know-how and construction industry experience, our team of lawyers will take whatever measures necessary to ensure that your home or business stands on solid ground.

Criminal Defense

The stakes are highest when your personal liberty is at issue.

pa-04JJLA understands and appreciates the unique challenges that arise for those facing criminal charges. The prospect of being locked away is frightening; the havoc a criminal conviction would wreak on family, friends and colleagues is even more terrifying.

Whether you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, JJLA has the practical know-how and legal expertise to navigate the prosecutorial process and mount a battle-proven defense strategy. Time and again, JJLA has successfully defended clients against a wide variety of crimes, ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including assault, drug trafficking, rape and murder.

JJLA has assisted innumerable defendants avoid incarceration and reclaim their lives. Of our criminal cases that go to trial we would estimate we have a “95% success rate”, meaning the client is not found guilty.

Armed with top-notch negotiation skills, encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law and an extraordinary ability to poke dispositive holes in the prosecution’s case, JJLA is your best defense.

Employment Litigation

Personal discord and strife in the workplace hamper professional productivity.

pa-05Sometimes, however, these conflicts extend far beyond a clash of personalities and may implicate state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other acts of misconduct.

Having experienced counsel on your side to investigate, execute (when necessary) appropriate corrective action and defend you and your business from such claims is crucial. Whether you are a small outfit or a Fortune 500 corporation, too much is at stake to leave your company at risk, vulnerable to lawsuits that could – especially in this economy – threaten its very existence.

Different courses of action are compelled by specific circumstances. Sometimes an early settlement makes financial sense; other times call for a more aggressive stance. Whether negotiating or litigating, JJLA consistently obtains very favorable outcomes for its clients.

Let us do the same for you.

Entertainment Litigation

Deal or dispute, we have you covered.

pa-06From deals and hits to failures and flops, there’s no business like show business – especially when it comes to the myriad of legal intricacies that have come to define the reality of working in the film, television, music, performing arts and multi-media industries.

Whether piecing together a project or disputing some aspect of its demise, numerous individuals and/or entities – from artists to investors, and directors to producers – have a stake in the outcome. Agreements must be crafted with precision and arguments must be resolved swiftly and steadily.

With more than fifty years of combined entertainment law experience under its belt, JJLA can assist any industry player – including, but not limited to, actors, musicians, artists, writers, directors, producers, investors, managers and agents – with all their legal needs. Keep the entertainment industry thriving and leave the lawyering to us.

Intellectual Property

Safeguarding your valuable intellectual property interests has never been more crucial.


Disputes concerning the metes and bounds of real property parcels often have clear-cut answers in the files of the local county recorder’s office.

Questions concerning ownership over artistic or intangible assets, however, often raise a whole host of issues. Who possesses rights to a screenplay or a catalogue of songs? What about the color scheme of a website? Or the online marketing materials for a software company? How can the rightful owners protect themselves against enterprising infringers?

The field of intellectual property has literally exploded in recent years, due in great part to technological advances that define our global economy. While the legal system tries to keep up with the marketplace, lawyers must operate within a framework of state and federal laws to protect their clients’ interests in a variety of areas, including copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and rights of publicity – often worth millions of dollars.

With decades of experience successfully negotiating and litigating intellectual property disputes on behalf of clients ranging from small business to A-list celebrities, JJLA can help you. Whether prosecuting or defending your rights in such assets, our team of skilled lawyers will make sure that what is rightfully yours remains in your possession and control.

About Us

JJLA is a boutique litigation firm based in Los Angeles, California. With over 15 years of success in civil and criminal litigation, we’re proud of our client-first commitment.

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