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Why You Should Hire Us


Superior Results

JJLA possesses the winning combination of big firm brains and small firm fees. With a lean core team of highly experienced lawyers, JJLA keeps its success rate high and its overhead costs low—and passes those savings on to its clients.


Affordable Rates

While too many firms spend precious time jumping through the proverbial legal hoops and racking up exorbitant bills, JJLA focuses on what it takes to get the job done—as smartly, efficiently and expeditiously as possible. And, with its practice of associating in additional attorneys whenever the need arises, JJLA is equipped to handle any case, no matter how little or large.


Enduring Commitment

What truly sets JJLA apart, however, is its personal commitment to each and every client. Whether we have represented you for a week or a decade, we consistently do whatever it takes to ensure that your needs are met and interests protected. Really.

Our Values

Everything we do at JJLA is driven by two guiding principles.

We treat every case as if it were our own

You can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to safeguard your interests and secure the best possible outcome through exceptional legal representation. From the day you walk through our doors, JJLA has your back.

Our client relationships are sacrosanct

JJLA was founded on the philosophy of cultivating lifetime connections, and that is how—fifteen years later—we approach every prospective client. It is no coincidence that clients return to us, time and again. JJLA is with you every step of the way.

About Us

JJLA is a boutique litigation firm based in Los Angeles, California. With over 15 years of success in civil and criminal litigation, we’re proud of our client-first commitment.

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